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About Untappd

Untappd is a social network that brings beer connoisseurs closer to their favourite brew. Using their mobile app, users can post reviews, discover top rated beers, and check in to trending breweries. Businesses can also share their latest menus and increase their visibility among the right set of audience. With two such distinct set of customers (users and businesses), there is a huge opportunity as well as challenge to provide outstanding customer support.

Why sign up for a call center software

Emma Johnson is the VP of Customer Support at Untappd. She tells us that they started off by using a CRM which was designed for sales, to handle customer support. But as Untappd kept growing, the CRM software started falling short of their expectations and requirements. On the other hand, to make the challenge tougher, the entire support team was handling calls on a single phone!

The Freshdesk Contact Center experience

“We previously handled phone calls by sharing one phone and it wasn’t scalable for a growing team. Now, my team members can answer calls with just a click from their laptops.”

Emma Johnson

VP of Customer Support


Once Untappd signed up for Freshdesk Contact Center call center software, they were able to get all their agents involved in conversations simultaneously. They no longer had to wait for their turn to handle support tickets which was the case while using limited physical phones. Furthermore, like Emma said, the agents didn’t have to depend on a phone or any hardware to make or receive calls. They could access Freshdesk Contact Center from any PC or laptop as long as they had their login credentials ready.

Most importantly, their customers could now talk to a real person even when other agents were busy on calls, or offline.

Other benefits of using a call center software

With Freshdesk Contact Center, Untappd could not only maximize their responses to customer queries but also highly customize the way their call center worked. They could now create teams of agents with varying levels of technical expertise and route customer calls accordingly. This helped in striking effective conversations and also shorten response time by leveraging straightforward solutions.

Call Recording on Freshdesk Contact Center

Emma says that her favourite Freshdesk Contact Center features are call recording and call notes. Since each call is linked to a call recording and call notes, the pertinent context is readily available for all support specialists. More importantly, the caller doesn’t have to repeat themselves each time their call is escalated or transferred to another agent.

All these features come together to enable Untappd leverage the different degrees of technical prowess of their agents to support customers. They are also adding warmth to their support function by enabling human-to-human interaction over the phone.