Grasshopper alternative for your UK phone numbers

Grasshopper has decided to shut down its UK product offering, seventeen months post its launch, due to changes in its product strategy. As a U.K business using Grasshopper, you would now have to hunt for the best Grasshopper alternative, to port your phone numbers before the February 28th deadline. This transition could be smooth sailing provided you choose the right partner as your Grasshopper alternative.

The phone system for entrepreneurs

Grasshopper had basic features that aligned with its philosophy of delivering an easily configurable phone system for business owners. Now, there are a number of phone system providers who are presenting themselves as an alternative in the UK market. However, most of them do not realize the essence of what made Grasshopper click among entrepreneurs and small businesses. Entrepreneurs, freelancers, and consultants want a simple and affordable phone system. Grasshopper has announced that it will shut down by April 2018, and you need to ensure you have made your choice by then.

Is your phone system really entrepreneur-friendly?

Here are a few questions using which you can evaluate whether any given phone system (including yours truly) can replace your Grasshopper account!

Does your phone system

  1. Not need any phone hardware?
  2. Work without installing any software?
  3. Enable you to participate virtually?
  4. Provide a simple UI that you can configure easily?
  5. Remain affordable even after you grow?
  6. Provide extra toll-free, vanity numbers without penalizing you for growth?
  7. Have a support team to help you with the product irrespective of the pricing plan chosen?
  8. Scale with you?

If the answer to all the above questions is a ‘Yes’, then your phone system is definitely entrepreneur-friendly.

Is Freshcaller a great to Grasshopper Alternative?

Freshcaller is a cloud-based virtual phone system and enables to help entrepreneurs to launch their phone operations in minutes. You do not have to purchase a single piece of hardware equipment related to phones nor do you have to install any software. You can operate Freshcaller using an internet browser and a working internet connection. Freshcaller, being a cloud-based phone system allows your phone team to work from anywhere. They can forward the phone calls to their home or mobile phone number. Your supervisors can monitor these calls in real-time no matter where your phone team is working from.

Freshcaller is the ideal phone system for entrepreneurs and allows you to start with a $0 pricing plan. This gives you the ability to start without any initial investment while also having the flexibility to add features or team members to your Freshcaller account as and when required. Freshcaller provides local phone numbers in 54 countries and toll-free phone numbers in U.S, U.K, Canada, and Australia. There are no extra charges for purchasing vanity phone numbers in Freshcaller. The availability of additional powerful capabilities such as business hour based routing, multi-level IVR, smart escalations, call monitoring, and call barging enables you to stay invested in a phone system that can keep up with your tremendous growth rate. Freshcaller also has a great support team 24*7 to help you with your questions and requests.

The transition from Grasshopper to Freshcaller

You can sign-up for a 14-day free trial account in Freshcaller, and our amazing support team will help you port your Grasshopper phone numbers for free until the deadline of February 28th, 2018 set by Grasshopper for initiating your porting process. Our product experts are awaiting your signup to help set you up in your new Freshcaller account. We are available for conversations about our roadmap as well as helping you evaluate whether Freshcaller fits your business. You can talk to us either by leaving a comment below or by reaching out to us at If you cannot wait to hear from us, do make a phone call to +1 (916) 379-7474 and we promise to make the call count 🙂

Illustration by Nikhil Kanda