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Growing and scaling an enterprise is no easy feat. Enterprises come with a complex set of challenges. You want to monitor sales pipelines globally and get teams to work on deals across continents. You need to convert data into actionable insights while ensuring the security and scalability of the applications you are using. What if we told you that you could do all of that and more with a single dashboard?

Powered by the Freshworks platform, Freshsales CRM is here to uncomplicate things. Bring your sales teams together effortlessly and make intelligent data-backed decisions that are powered by artificial intelligence. More importantly, engage with customers seamlessly to build relationships for life.

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Scale with ease as you grow 

Scaling your business in today’s swiftly evolving market compels the need for tools that support you as you scale. We ensure our platform grows in tandem with your growth. Freshsales for Enterprise provides the flexibility to scale your sales process as well as our functionalities to seamlessly meet your expanding needs. 

  • Customize your CRM for your organization

Create custom modules, fields, and components that mirror your business process.

  • Collaborate and scale with teams 

Share and collaborate tasks, files, reports, etc. with teams of users.

  • Close deals faster with end-to-end visibility

Customize multiple sales pipelines for different teams and processes. Create deal stages with probabilities and switch easily between pipeline views.

  • Extend capabilities with access to 100+apps

Integrate our platform with other business apps using the marketplace, APIs and developer SDKs.

Scale with Freshsales

Focus on sales force automation to improve your team’s productivity 

Accelerate productivity and keep the team spirit high. Skip the manual work and increase your team’s productivity by creating customized workflows to send emails, create tasks and reminders, update records, generate invoices, and more. 

  • Customize your workflows

Kill the mundane. Automate repetitive tasks such as sending follow-up emails, creating appointments, updating records, etc.

  • Route leads through auto-lead assignment

Automatically assign the right lead to the right sales rep the moment it comes in.

  • Save time and build context with profile enrichment

With auto-enrichment, the leads' information is automatically updated based on their social profiles and email identity, helping you save time on research.

Make smarter decisions with Freddy AI-powered insights 

Transform the sales process in your organization to focus on higher-value deals and make better decisions that move the needle through Freddy AI - your sales assistant.

  • Build a robust sales analytics dashboard

Empower your sales team to stay on top of your business. Get insights by drilling into your team’s performance, revenue metrics, sales activities, and more. Compile reports into dashboards and share them across the organization

  • Drive in-depth deal insights and forecasting

Focus on the deals that have a higher chance of closing and forecast revenue with insights based on deal properties and recent activities.

  • Identify the best leads that the sales team can focus on

Bad leads can send you on a wild goose chase. Surface the hot leads automatically based on important conditions and behavior in real-time.


Drive sales engagement to maximize revenue 

Freshsales is a unified CRM solution for your sales teams to communicate and engage with customers over email, phone, SMS, and chat. Conversations are automatically logged and organized by the channel on the related records, helping you engage with context based on the customer’s history with your business. 

  • Maximize outreach using phone, chat, and email

Make and receive calls, send SMSes, track call activities, and more with the built-in phone. Send/receive, prioritize, schedule, and track emails with the 2-way email sync. Engage proactively with website visitors and respond to online queries 24x7 with chatbots powered by Freddy AI.

  • Define user-related actions as events to segment your prospect’s behavior

Use event tracking to track their lifecycle across your website or app and engage with context. Create tailored sales sequences based on user behavior to make emails far more engaging and effective as well.

  • Convert opportunities with contextual engagement 

Get a chronological timeline view of every conversation and plan your engagement with context. 

The enterprise CRM platform for fast-growing businesses

36% average increase 

in sales productivity

Over 25% increase 

in revenue

22% average increase 

in win rates

13 offices

across 5 continents



150+ countries

where customers are served

Security at Freshsales

Keeping your data secure is extremely important to us. We take a multifaceted approach to application security, to ensure everything from engineering to deployment, including architecture and quality assurance processes complies with our highest standards of security.

We’re here for you. 

Implementation and onboarding

We’ll configure and setup Freshsales to meet your business requirements. 

Dedicated manager

A dedicated account manager to help you achieve success every step of the way with Freshsales. 

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