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Why is Freshsales the Best Real Estate CRM?

Your real estate agents deal with multiple prospects and clients at the same time, each at different stages of closure. And most of your potential clients expect realtors to be their advisors throughout the buying process. A real estate CRM provides a 360-degree view of all your clients and their past engagements with your company on a single panel. Your agents can view communication history, appointments, tasks to be completed, and even the prospects’ activities on your website and email to understand and make personalized meaningful conversations

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Track and manage transactions visually 

When you are dealing with multiple clients, managing transactions can become a cumbersome task. Missing follow-ups, losing track of transactions, or even losing touch with past or prospective clients is a likely occurrence. With a real estate CRM like Freshsales, your agents can get insights into every stage of the deal attached to a property and track every conversation attached with the deal. View the process and progress of your transactions, forecast sales, identify bottlenecks, and make decisions on where to focus your efforts better. 


Boost agent productivity with powerful automations

How many times have you seen your agents perform the same tasks repeatedly? Whether it’s mailing buyer contracts, sending property flyers, or making follow-up calls for payments, timeliness and consistency are key. CRM for real estate agents comes with automation capabilities allowing the system to maintain a customer database, assign leads according to each region, send emails, create tasks and appointments while your realtors can spend more time selling properties.

Retain and nurture existing clients

In a fluctuating and cluttered real estate market, how do you make an impact in the minds of customers, who are constantly looking for properties? You need to earn a loyal customer base. In order to do that, you have to constantly be in their minds (inbox, in the digital age) with impactful emails with context.

With a marketing platform like Freshsales-Freshmarketer integration, you can boost your marketing campaign and improve conversions. You can craft email journeys like sending useful information on the mortgage market or the value of their home today or thoughtful birthday messages to attract new customers and nurture existing customers and build a solid customer database. You can also segment customers for different real estate markets into different buckets to send personalized messages with this marketing platform integration.

Take smart decisions with insightful analytics

To take any critical decisions, you’ll need to know your team’s capability—top performers, targets vs. achieved, regions meeting targets, etc.—identify bottlenecks and find the reason for lost deals. CRM software for real estate gives you real-time insights into business-critical metrics in a single dashboard and analyze performance. You can also track the success of a campaign, their earnings, which client interaction is most profitable, all in real-time. 

Access client data while on the move

A typical day in the life of a realtor requires him to be on the move, even while responding to phone calls, sending emails and attending open houses. CRM that is also available as a mobile application can help your agents be more productive. In fact, 65% of agents who have adopted mobile CRM have achieved their sales quotas. 

Freshsales comes with an iOS and Android mobile app that allows realtors to record voice notes, connect with their teams, check appointments, make calls and send emails right from the mobile Real Estate CRM. Any change on the mobile app is automatically synced to the web application, so you can be assured that your information will always be up to date.


Capture clients into the CRM automatically

Your real estate prospects pour in from different channels. While some may browse through your website for properties and chat with your realtors, some may fill-up a form, or write an email asking for more information. Manage prospects from different sources on a single platform like Freshsales, a real estate CRM software that has the capability to capture the clients’ information automatically. 


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