Keeping the client at the core of your business

It’s an established fact that the core objective of every real estate agent is to keep his/her client engaged and satisfied. This means, staying on top of the game in terms of acquiring new, relevant deals, understanding each client’s unique requirements better, following-up with them from time-to-time to establish continuity, prioritizing important leads, and the list goes on. Effectively, it’s a cycle. The more personalized your engagement with your clients, the more loyalty you gain, the better brand you build, the more business you get, and the more money you make.

While this sounds easy as pie, reality is quite different. As agents, we bet there are several challenges you face day-to-day when dealing with clients.

Let’s begin by answering a few simple questions.

If your answer to all these questions is ‘YES!’, fret not. As the age old adage goes, every cloud has a silver lining. And the silver lining in this case comes in the form of CRM, or client relationship management software.

Why do you need a specialized CRM for Real Estate?

With clients being the backbone of your business, it’s imperative that you, as real estate agents, stay on your toes in anticipating their needs better, establishing consistency in maintaining your relationship with them and delivering speedily.

A real estate CRM software helps you serve your clients better by providing you with a seamless experience across the client lifecycle. Its single, unified system stores and organises all contacts, manages leads, tracks communication and opportunities, automates workflows, analyses sales and helps you maintain quality relationship with your clients.

Attract the right clients

You’ve built a great website, you have beautiful photos and a video walk-through of properties, and for all you know, you even have an engaging blog which educates your site visitors on what they need to know about the real estate market. Eventually, your website visits shoot up and leads start coming in. But, is that enough to crack a deal?

Not really. How do you understand your client needs better? For example, where are they located, what kind of a property are they looking to buy or sell, what are their interests, and so on. Here’s where real estate CRM tools come to the rescue. On one hand, integrated tools like Freshchat can help you engage with your clients in real-time and get to know them better, and customized web forms can help you gather more information about your potential clients, which can be followed up with welcome emails.

On the other hand, modern real estate CRM tools have the ability to auto-enrich leads from social profiles - such as photos and company information, of the client, giving you an edge when you take a lead to the next step.


Create effective engagements with clients

As a real estate agent, chances are at any given point of time, you’re dealing with multiple leads and plentiful information, each at a different stage of closure. If that’s not enough, you also have the added task of keeping track of listings, and of every communication exchanged thus far, so that you’re on the same page each time with your client. While multiple apps and folders manage to pull the strings together, time is of essence in a business like this.

A holistic, 360 degree view of all your clients and your past engagements with them on a single panel could just be the right solution for you. A CRM stores every single data about a client and the interactions you’ve had with them over phone or email. A feature like lead scoring could help you categorize leads as hot, warm and cold based on their engagement levels with your company, thus helping you to prioritise your pursuits better. And, instead of juggling between multiple apps to track appointments, notes and emails, a real estate CRM can help you access all communication and information in a single window any time, anywhere.

Manage deals better

Often, when you’re dealing with multiple clients, managing the deal pipeline could become a cumbersome task. Missing follow-up emails, losing track of deal stages of various clients, losing touch with past or prospective clients is a likely occurrence.

A real estate CRM creates a visual sales pipeline in a central location, which can be managed according to your sales process. Whether you are handling a client deal, or you’ve assigned a team to it, you can view the process and progress from time-to-time to understand and take decisions on where to focus your efforts better.

You can also generate daily, weekly or monthly sales reports to track performance and identify better strategies to work better towards closing sales deals. Analyse lost deals, identify bottlenecks in ongoing deals, and filter deals based on potential value and close date with a modern real estate CRM software.

Ensure consistency

As a real estate agent, managing your clients is not a one-time task. Whether you’re mailing buyer contracts or sending follow-up emails for payments, timeliness and consistency goes a long way in establishing an ongoing relationship with them. With CRM tools such as Intelligent Workflows, you can automate tasks and allow the system to do more work, while you spend more time in serving your clients better.

Retain and nurture existing clients

Real estate business is not just about creating a one-time deal with your clients. There’s immense value in keeping in touch with your former clients from time to time for various reasons; to stay on top of their mind to establish recall, to earn more referrals, to increase your chances of repeat business and so on.

As a first step, a good CRM software establishes context in driving relevant, personalised conversations with your clients by analyzing client behaviour and giving you better insights into their interests and preferences. It not only gives you a chronological timeline view into every client’s engagement with your business, but also helps you understand how the client engaged with your website/app, and which pages piqued their interest.

You can use this to create personalized sales campaigns to nurture relationships with your clients. Whether you are sending a thoughtful email on their birthdays or anniversaries, or sending useful information on the mortgage market, or the value of their home today, a meaningful campaign can go a long way in building a long-term relationship with your clients.

Real estate agents, stay on top of your sales game. Choose Freshsales CRM.

With Freshsales CRM software, focus on your business, while we take care of every backend activity in your sales process. Secure new leads, manage existing clients, create visual sales pipelines to improve productivity, generate performance reports for feedback and more. Freshsales is the one-stop solution for commercial and residential agents, brokerage firms and real estate developers to stay on top of their sales game.


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Integrate third-party apps

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