Why you need a real estate CRM

As a real estate professional, building and maintaining long lasting relationships is the key to your business. But if you are still writing prospects on index cards, appointments on sticky notes, stacking contracts in your filing cabinets and interacting with your clients over multiple channels, you can’t possibly run a profitable and sustainable business with a scattered system anymore. You are bound to miss important meetings, forget follow-ups and lose out on potential prospects, signaling a red flag for your business.

Sounds alarming? Well, here’s some reassuring news. A stat by Active Rain revealed that around 87% of successful real estate agents use a CRM. And with real estate industry becoming a competitive market, it’s all the more important for you to be on top of the game. By investing in a real estate CRM software, you can stay more organized and focus on improving existing client information, finding new prospective clients and ensuring timely follow-ups so you are on top of their minds when they refer an agent to family and friends.

3 reasons to use a real estate CRM software

Centralized database

One unified contact management system to keep tab of your clients and all the information that goes with it. Easy to collaborate with your partners as all the information is in one system.

Transparent interactions

Holistic view of the touch points with a client -- conversations, appointments and activities on email and website -- for faster response time and follow ups so they keep coming back to you.


Automating the mundane tasks such as capturing prospects from website, sending follow-up emails and more, so you can focus on building long-lasting relationships and closing more deals.

Introducing Freshsales CRM for real estate

Freshsales is a cloud-based real estate CRM software that lets you spend very little time and effort in the “management” part, and more on your business. You can easily find new leads, communicate over email and phone, manage existing clients, stay on top of your sales pipeline, customize reports, access data from mobile and more -- in short, Freshales has just the right features for residential and commerical, real estate developers, brokerage, brokers and agents.


Why Freshsales CRM is the best for your real estate business

Why Freshsales CRM is the best for your real estate business

Simple & intuitive

Easy to use features with zero training and guidance. Also comes with iOS and Android mobile apps.

Easily customizable
Integrated solution

Freshsales as your real estate CRM software

Manage your clients

Easily store and pull out your client information (prospects, landlords and tenants) when you want to reach out to them. Never again worry about your pipeline going dry as Freshsales automatically captures website visitors as leads and automatically enriches their social profile information. The CRM software also scores leads, enabling you to prioritize your follow-ups better. What’s more, you can sync your Google Calendar with Freshsales, or use the native tasks and appointments so you don’t fall back on your follow-ups.

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Lead management

Automate activities

Often, clients are on a tight schedule when searching for a property, and they usually approach more than one developer/agency at the same time. In most cases, they choose the agent who has provided a quick response for their concerns and questions. With Freshsales CRM, you can set up personalized response that addresses concerns and provides valuable information, or automatically send a reply that tells the client that you have received the message. You can also set up follow up tasks if the client hasn’t replied back or has gone cold.

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Lead management

Customize reports

Reports is a great way to know where your business is at. The real estate management system allows you to create daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports, helping you analyze the areas that makes the most sales, the agents (if any) contributing to the sale, the reasons for lost deals, the number of meetings scheduled by your team and many more. Analyze trends using drag and drop dashboards, share them with your team and make smart decisions.

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Email management

Do all this and more with your real estate CRM

Manage documents

Add notes and attach documents such as contracts, surveys, etc., within your client’s record so it’s right there when you need it.

Track deals

Manage your deals in a simple, visual view. Customize multiple sales pipelines according to your business process and contact clients right from there.

Advanced search

Save time by instantly finding properties in an area, searching for clients whom you contacted last week, pulling out deals of a certain amount and more.

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