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As a real estate agent you need to follow up and stay in touch with every single lead, contact and past clients. While you get new leads from past customers, family and friends and even from your website, you need a way to organize and manage these contacts to build long-lasting relationships.

Freshsales is a CRM for real estate agents just like you to manage your contacts, stay ahead of your appointments, send email campaigns, and track the progress of deals and transactions.

The CRM gives your entire firm a single view of the client, your sales interactions with them and upcoming tasks and appointments. Never miss another meeting as Freshsales alerts you of upcoming appointments.

Stay in touch with clients right from the CRM

For a real estate agent, maintaining good rapport and relationship with clients is as important as winning a deal. With Freshsales real estate CRM software, you can send out drip email campaigns to all your leads at one go. You can create personalized templates such as a friendly keep-in-touch email, or a list of properties available in their area and so on. You can also schedule the email to reach out to clients at the right time.

Freshsales also lets you handle inbound calls from clients, and even lets you make calls to them, without leaving the CRM. Apart from sending bulk sales campaigns, you can also send one-on-one emails to your leads and clients. In short, all your sales interactions can be managed in Freshsales, without having to switch between applications.

Bulk email
Auto-log conversation

Track sales transactions and manage reports

Freshsales lets you easily manage your deals with new, old and recurring buyers in a simple, visual view. You can customize the stages to suit your sales process, drag and drop the deal to move it up the sales ladder, and even contact your clients from here.

The real estate management system also gives you analytics on the areas that are making the most sale, the agents (if any) contributing to the sale and much more. You can build your own reports using tables and charts, share it with your team, and analyze trends by importing the results in .CSV file.

Easily find potential clients

Make sure you’re talking to the right clients, with lead score. Rank them by their locations, the deal value, and their engagement pattern.

Track website and email activities

Know which pages piqued your prospect’s interest, and track their behavior on each page. Track the email opens and link clicks to know their interest levels.

Segment clients by territory

For businesses catering to a larger geography, group your team into territories and have the leads auto-assigned to the sales reps.

Google Calendar Sync

Manage and stay ahead of your tasks and appointments by syncing your Google Calendar with Freshsales. One place to manage all your activities.

Freshdesk Integration

Manage all your client queries in a customer support software like Freshdesk? Get a 360° view of your customers by simply integrating the CRM with Freshdesk.

Access client data on the go

Access your client information on your mobile with Freshsales iOS and Android apps. Be prepared and stay on top of your customers’ needs and win deals.

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