Life without a CRM

Sticky notes plastered around the office, multiple spreadsheets to manage records, phone calls to juggle. This is a typical day for a small business owner. Apart from this, the entire day is spent on pondering how to increase sales, managing your team, and keeping your customers happy. 


That’s your No. 1 priority. Because let’s face it—if you don’t have customers, you won’t have much of a business.

Your current way of working might seem to be cost-effective, but this holds you back from growing your business.

Most small businesses that want to grow, but are using older methods, ask these questions: 

  • “Is there a single place to store my lead and contact information?”

  • “Is there something else as convenient as Excel, because I don’t have time to learn something new?”

  •  “How about the leads I get from my emails, chat, and phone? Will they be logged automatically?

  •  “Will another tool help me easily integrate my email?”

CRM for Small Business

Enter CRM for small businesses

CRM for small business is a simple piece of software designed specifically for growing businesses to organize and maintain customer data in a single location with ease. Unlike clunky enterprise CRM solutions built for larger businesses, small business CRM is simple, pocket-friendly, and easy to set up and use. 

Understandably, there are several CRM solutions for small businesses, with just the right features, available at an affordable price. 

What do you look for in a CRM for small business?

For one, it helps you organize customer information, where spreadsheets and notes fail. So, a CRM not only imports all your contacts from Excel sheets or another CRM, it also gives you control over your data and saves time when you have to look up your customer information.

Good CRM is easy to use. If you are using Excel, you can easily make the transition. You also don’t have to dedicate a lot of your precious time to learn to use the software. 

Small businesses work hard. They also need support 24X7. The best CRM software comes with any-time support because no matter how simple your queries are, you deserve the best support. 

Small business owners and their sales teams are always on the move. You need to ensure that the CRM solution you select can be used on your mobile. The CRM application for mobile should be as simple to use as the desktop version.

You also need a solution that is affordable. Beware of CRM solutions that bring along with them lots of hidden charges. So, after you sign up, you will have to spend extra money on implementation, training, customization, and support. 

Our Story

Our backstory is not very different from yours. When our business was smaller in size, we thought that buying a solution made for large companies will also take care of our unique needs. But our teams wasted hours learning it and the terrible support did not help us either. 

So we decided to build a CRM solution from the ground up. We asked ourselves, “What do small businesses like ours want in a CRM?”

And we did just that with Freshsales CRM. 

Why is Freshsales CRM the best solution for small businesses? 

Freshsales comes with just the right kind of features for a growing small business. What makes Freshsales stand out from the rest?

G2 Crowd Rating
Lowest-priced plan

$12 per user/month

$25 per user/month 

$12.50 per user/month

Highest-priced plan

$79 per user/month

$300 per user/month

$99 per user/month

Meets Requirements
Ease of Use
Ease of admin
Ease of Setup
Quality of Support
Ease of doing business with
Task / Activity Management
Contact & account management

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Choose the best CRM for small business. Choose Freshsales.

Freshsales CRM helps you grow your small business. Freshsales offers a wide range of capabilities to make it easier for you to improve customer experience with your brand. The CRM captures and segments contacts, tracks interactions over phone, email or chat, schedules emails, syncs support tickets, automates your sales tasks, and offers more functionalities to step up your sales game and grow your small business.


What's in Freshsales CRM for small business?

A complete view of customer information 

Freshsales CRM for small businesses gives you a 360-degree view of customer information. You can identify customer touchpoints and get customer information enriched with their social profiles. Their phone and email conversations with your company, related deals, notes, tasks, and appointments are all tracked and recorded in a single place for your convenience. 


Engage with customers right from the CRM

We understand how difficult it must be to keep switching tabs to send emails while referring to important information about the customer. With Freshsales, you can send and receive emails and have them automatically synced with your inbox. With a built-in phone functionality, you can make quick calls with just one click. 

Get valuable insights with reports 

As the owner of a small business, you’ll want to track your sales and the progress of your sales reps. Wouldn’t it be great to view reports on a single screen? With Freshsales CRM, you can analyze and forecast your sales with in-depth reports. You can create sales cycle and velocity reports, as well as trendline reports, customize them in an instant, and understand how your team performs.

Powerful mobile application for CRM on the go 

While you’re on the go, you might want to access lead or contact information and also check up on tasks or pending appointments you have with clients. Freshsales has a dedicated mobile application on iOS and Android that is as simple to use as its desktop counterpart. You can stay updated on the go with push notifications, integrate your calendar, track appointments with maps, manage deals, and more. The best part is there’s no gap in data as every information entered into the mobile app is synced on the desktop version as well. 

Understand and nurture your customers better 

As the owner of a small business, you know nurturing customers is important. Nurturing helps you provide great customer experience and also helps reduce churn. Freshsales CRM allows you to craft and track campaigns with rules to send personalized emails to your customers and prospects. With sales campaigns, you can add follow-ups to emails, add reminders for calling, and more. 

Over 15000 happy customers use Freshsales CRM

And they have lovely things to say about us!