Grow your business using tools the big guys use

Whether you’re a solopreneur, a team of 20, or adding new employees every month, your small business needs a CRM system to build better relationships with existing customers, gain new ones and grow your business. Freshsales is a small business CRM software, designed especially for small teams like yours.

You don’t have to be a large company to truly take advantage of a CRM. Freshsales is equipped with just the right features your small business would require in a CRM, at a budget that fits your pocket. It’s highly customizable and refreshingly easy to use so you and your team can get started in no time without too much oversight.

A complete sales productivity solution

Freshsales gives you best-in-class contact management software, deal management tool and communication platform to build better customer relationships and win more deals. The feature-rich customer management software also includes visual reports to track your deals and make smart decisions on the sales front. That’s not all - you can even communicate with your customers via phone and email right from Freshsales.

Contact management
Deal management
Analytics and reports

A FREE plan to get you started

If you have a small ambitious sales team using free applications to manage your customer data, chances are they're wasting time juggling between multiple sales tools. Freshsales is available as a free CRM system, with everything your team needs to close more deals.

Automate. Stay productive.

Automatically capture leads from webforms, enrich profiles, assign sales reps, and log calls and emails.

Engage. Sell smarter.

Send emails, make more phone calls with the built-in phone and integrated email.

Customize for your business

Sync Freshsales with your sales process. Customize lead stages, deal stages, and create custom fields to suit your business.

Visual reporting

Monitor your sales progress visually. Create sales reports and analyze the number of sales you’ve won and lost, and why.

Integrations & APIs

Connect Freshsales with other applications using our APIs without paying extra dollars.

Mobile apps

Access your customer data in Freshsales iOS and Android apps without selecting a paying plan.

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