Why small businesses need CRM

One of the biggest challenges of a small business is establishing an equilibrium between scaling up and generating revenue. A key factor that can help solve this problem is  fixing your broken sales process and gaining visibility with the help of a CRM for small business. 

A small business CRM is a software that gives a clear picture of your sales process by organizing all your contact information in one centralized system. 

Unlike large clunky CRMs built for large enterprises, CRM systems for small business are built to address challenges faced by growing business and are simple, pocket-friendly, and easy to set up and use. 

CRM for Small Business

Enter CRM for small businesses

CRM for small business is a simple piece of software designed specifically for growing businesses to organize and maintain customer data in a single location with ease. Unlike clunky enterprise CRM solutions built for larger businesses, small business CRM is simple, pocket-friendly, and easy to set up and use. 

Understandably, there are several CRM solutions for small businesses, with just the right features, available at an affordable price. 

6 major benefits of CRM for small business

Single Platform

Get a 360* view of your customer in one screen with a lead scoring yardstick to identify the most sales-ready prospects from the rest.


Stay updated by accessing customer data that is automatically synced with the desktop version.


Track each part of your sales process with a visual deal pipeline that enables you to forecast better.

Adapt easily 

Quick to set up and easy to use so you can use the free time to hire and train salespeople.

Automate routine tasks 

Give your sales team a much-needed productivity boost by automating routine tasks like sending emails and entering data into the CRM

What are the best small business CRMs in the market?

Freshsales comes with just the right kind of features for a growing small business. What makes Freshsales stand out from the rest?

G2 Crowd Rating
Lowest-priced plan

$12 per user/month

$25 per user/month 

$35 for 2 users/month

Highest-priced plan

$79 per user/month

$300 per user/month

$840 for 10 users/month

Implementation Cycle

15 days

2.4 months

1 month

Use of Third-Party Consultants




Payback Period

7 months

17 months

12 months

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Why is Freshsales CRM the best solution for small business?


Freshsales CRM, curated for small and growing businesses, is easy to set up and has a simple layout for easy adaptability. But what makes us truly different?

Our CRM for small business offers many functionalities for small businesses to step up your sales game. With the Freshsales CRM you can 

  • capture and segment contacts
  • track interactions over phone, email or chat
  • schedule emails
  • sync support tickets
  • automate sales tasks

Trusted Globally

360-degree view of customer information 

Freshsales CRM software for small business gives you a complete view of prospect information. You can identify touchpoints and get their information enriched with their social profiles. Their phone and email conversations with your company, related deals, notes, tasks, and appointments are all tracked and recorded in a single place for your convenience. 


Single platform for all engagements 

We understand how difficult it must be to keep switching tabs to send emails while referring to important information. With an SMB CRM, you can send and receive emails and have them automatically synced to your inbox. With our built-in phone functionality, you can also make quick calls with just one click. 

Automate routine tasks  

Most salespeople spend their time on mundane tasks that can be done by a machine. By automating routine tasks like filling up the database, sending emails and setting up tasks, they can now spend their valuable time selling. With help of highly configurable workflows available in Freshsales CRM for small business, you can ensure your sales team focuses on bringing in customers and not filling in excel sheets.

Analyze metrics with reports

As the owner of a small business, you’ll want to track your sales and the progress of your sales reps. With a CRM for small businesses like Freshsales, you can analyze and forecast your sales with in-depth reports. You can create sales cycle and velocity reports as well as trendline reports, customize them in an instant, and understand how your team is performing.

small business crm

Integrate with multiple apps

Businesses need integrations to connect powerful data-rich platforms to your CRM system for small business, so you can have all your customer information in one place. Freshsales CRM fits perfectly into your existing business ecosystem by seamlessly integrating with a host of popular business apps.  

small business crm

Powerful mobile application for CRM on-the-go 

While you’re on-the-go, you may need to access contact information and check tasks or pending appointments. Freshsales has a dedicated mobile application on iOS and Android that is as simple to use as its desktop counterpart, and is also synced with the desktop version. With this mobile CRM  you can stay updated with push notifications, integrate your calendar, track appointments with maps, manage deals, and more.

small business crm

Understand and nurture your customers better 

Freshsales can easily be integrated with Freshmarketer, a marketing automation tool, to gain greater visibility across your leads’ activities on your website and emails. With the Freshsales-Freshmarketer integration, you can track sales and marketing touchpoints, set up a unified data platform and send targeted emails to nurture them through the sales funnel. With sales sequences, you can add follow-ups to emails, add reminders for calling, and more. 

Choose the best CRM for small business. Choose Freshsales.

Freshsales CRM helps you grow your small business. Freshsales offers a wide range of capabilities to make it easier for you to improve customer experience with your brand. The CRM captures and segments contacts, tracks interactions over phone, email or chat, schedules emails, syncs support tickets, automates your sales tasks, and offers more functionalities to step up your sales game and grow your small business.


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