What is a real estate chatbot? 

Real estate chatbots are bots deployed by real estate agencies to engage with prospects and customers. They can be placed on your website, mobile app, self-service portals, and messaging channels such as WhatsApp. Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat, etc. 

These chatbots can initiate conversations with prospective buyers or sellers, collect qualifying information, answer common questions, and offer 24/7 real-time support without burdening your agents. 

Why do you need a real estate chatbot? 

Top use cases for chatbots in the real estate industry

Automate follow-up and feedback 

Your customers might take a look at your property listings and then abandon your website. Having a chatbot helps you follow up and identify what went wrong. Furthermore, these chatbots can collect feedback interactively right after a customer conversation. This will show you value your customer information and offer insights to improve your performance.

Schedule property visits and virtual tours

A real estate business receives many queries on property viewing and virtual tours. With a chatbot, you can easily schedule property viewing appointments within seconds without the help of an agent. They can also take your customers on a quick virtual tour around your property so your prospects can take an informed decision for an on-site property viewing.

Offer mortgage options 

14% of buyers apply for mortgages online. You can link your chatbots with partner banks or financial institutions and help your customers with basic mortgage queries. You can train your chatbots to check mortgage eligibility and mortgage FAQs and help them apply online.

Why choose Freshchat bots as your virtual realtor?

Freshchat chatbots let you engage in meaningful customer conversations and delight customers with instant resolutions and personalized support.

Freshchat makes it easier for customers to reach out to realtors on convenient channels like websites, mobile apps, and messaging channels. You can easily integrate our chatbot software with multiple channels and send out important updates, documents, catalogs, and much more right into their chat inbox. Being available on multiple support channels will make you stay ahead of your competitors. 

Your visitors can sometimes turn into cold leads after viewing a property or booking an appointment. Don't wait for your prospects to reach out to you for support. Lend out a helping hand to your customers with proactive support. With Campaigns, you can send triggered targeted messages based on their actions on your website, product, or app. 

Bring down your incoming support requests by deploying a chatbot to your website. Our AI chatbots understand the intent and provide the right solutions to the customers. Schedule site visits in just a click and deliver instant resolutions to common real-estate queries. With 24/7 availability and live translation, you can cater to prospects from different time zones and countries. 

Your chatbots can easily pull up customer data from your CRM software, including name, email, phone number, IP, the page the conversation was initiated from, and even their behavior on the webpage. They can access the properties your visitors/customers viewed and scheduled visits from your web page/app, initiate a personalized conversation and boost customer satisfaction. 

You need to keep track of your chatbot’s performance to know the progress of your business. Also, bid adieu to boring forms. Chatbots lets you collect customer feedback more interactively right after a customer interaction. Measure performance and optimize the flow for higher efficiency.

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