6 must-have tools to engage e-commerce customers

An e-commerce store that puts all their efforts on building traffic is as fragile as a house of cards. Engaging users is the base on which the store builds on. Only when you successfully engage them, can you bring them back to your site and nudge them to convert. Check out these 6 must-have tools that will help engage users and eventually make them convert.

Building a house is tedious. But building a house without proper planning can be disastrous. On July 2018, a stone wall of the 144-year-old historic Magee Houses in Hintonburg, Canada, came crumbling down. While investigating, it was found out that no two stones were held together! There was no mortar used! The entire building was built with just stone and sand. The absence of mortar made the building unstable. The collapse was eventually bound to happen.

If you look closely, there is not much of a difference when it comes to building an online store. You can me it looks all glossy and shiny on the outside, but there is actually no point of all the traffic if you do not have the right tools to engage the users. Even your store will come crashing down like Jenga Blocks.

It is not just about using a tool, it is about using the right tool combined with tools that complement each other and strive towards a common objective. Did you know that 70% of business transformation efforts fail due to lack of engagement? Don’t be one of them. Check out these 6 tools you need to engage your users-


Seven powerful tools to delight users


iZooto: Engaging using web push notifications

Web push notifications are updates that are sent to users over desktop and mobile even when they are not on your website. It is a permission-based channel, where the users need to click on ‘Allow’ to start receiving notifications. Web push helps build a marketing list quicker than email and SMS, as it does not require users to share their personal information and nor do they occupy any space on your device.


iZooto builds user engagement, retargets website visitors and nudges them to convert. With triggered notifications, iZooto makes it possible to reach out to the right users at the right time with the right content. You can also set drip notifications to touch base with the users at regular intervals. Engage users by giving a shout out of the new arrivals, give them expert advice or shopping tips, let them know when you have a sale and so on.

You can also go ahead and set when the push notification prompt needs to be displayed on your store. You can customize the prompt according to your brand color and lure users into subscribing with some quirky copy. As you start building your audience, you can kickstart user engagement with a welcome notification drip and encourage users to revisit your store. Here is an example of how a welcome notification drip looks like-


  • Dynamic Audience Segments
  • Targeting on the basis of user behavior
  • Personalizing Notifications
  • Triggered notifications
  • Drip Notifications
  • Expiring Notifications automatically
  • Hyperlocal and Device targeting



Gamification makes the browsing experience interactive and fun. The game mechanics make it irresistible for the user to give it a shot. After all, everyone has a child in them who is curious and wants to play. The rewards on the wheel lure the users into trying out their luck and encourages them to provide their details.

Spin a Sale is a spinoff of pop-ups, only that they do not seem intrusive. In Spin-a-Sale you can customize the experience completely. For instance, the spin wheel can also be used as an exit intent pop-up. The exit intent pop up makes sure that it grabs the users attention and lure them into giving out their email address and spin the wheel. And for all you know, they might go ahead and convert. It also gives you an option to add a clickable tab icon to your website, so that users can click to launch the spin wheel themselves.


  • Full Customization
  • Desktop and Mobile Exit Intent
  • Delay and Clickable Tab Triggers
  • Automatic Unique Coupons
  • Advanced Analytics

Though capturing email is a bit tricky, gamification makes it difficult for users to resist from sharing their email address. This would help you noticeably increase your subscription rate. It also integrates with MailChimp, AWeber, and Klaviyo.


In a world where patience is a rare commodity, live chat comes as a rescue. Not only does it help in answering queries but also initiates conversations via interactive bots. 62% of consumers are likely to buy and return to a website with live chat support. Here are 7 powerful live chat experiments to every e-commerce merchant should give a try.

freshchat homepage

Freshchat is a live chat tool that helps engage users in real time, convey information swiftly and help educate users. The bots help share tips, provide best practices, give out coupons to lure users to click on the chat and start a conversation. It helps capture user information and sends it directly to the CRM system. It also triggers bots based on the user’s behavior making the conversation more relevant. Fresh chat with its self-help feature makes sure that even when there is no representative online, the users can go through the FAQ within the chat itself.

Freshchat has introduced a new Proximity feature where the proximity of the customers is taken into account to provide them with a personalized experience. They have reimagined messaging by making it easy to chat with users with video and audio. It helps to connect users via Facebook messenger as well, making it easy to reach out to users no matter where they are.


  • 24*7 lead capturing mechanism
  • Interactive chatbots for different campaigns
  • Triggered messages
  • Data-driven responses- Stores chat history to make conversations relevant
  • Supports rich image
  • Proximity conversations



Your users are on social media, browsing and interacting. You need to where they are. While it might not be possible to be constantly online, you can maintain your social media presence online. You could inform the user about a sale, show-off your most popular products, run contests or even tell them more about yourself.

Hootsuite helps schedule, manage and report social media content. It manages all your social media in one place and also helps you leverage the power of ads. It helps curate content, search hashtags, keywords to make it easier for you to share the content that is trending. You can maintain a social content calendar and fill in the gaps to make sure that your social feed does not go barren.

It supports Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram


  • Auto bulk scheduling
  • Content curation
  • Follow key conversations with monitoring features
  • Powerful analytics
  • Flexible assignment and approval workflows for teams



Site search is critical, especially when 30% of users use internal search and when these users contribute to 13.8% of overall revenue. Users usually visit a store with a product in mind. So usually users search for the product to then further browse and then make a purchase. To provide them with good user experience and to engage them, you can predict the product while they are still typing, making it easier for them to choose. You can even visually display the products when they search for it.

Tagalys helps with ‘blazing fast’ search results. It enables predictive search, visual search making it easier for the users to search. It displays the top 10 products that are searched for encouraging users to browse further. It picks up synonyms, words that are spelled wrong and performs query stemming making sure that the users are not led to an empty page.


  • Store trending and location trending results
  • No result recommendation
  • Synonyms and Query stemming
  • Spell Check and autocomplete
  • Multilanguage
  • Personalized search results
  • Detailed reporting



Customer reviews act as a seal of assurance and help boost trust. Reviews with images of the product grab users attention and at times even influences them to make a purchase. 90% of customers say buying decisions are influenced by online reviews. User-generated content to enrich the user’s experience, showing proof and compelling them to try it out themselves. 55% of customers trust User Generated Content over other forms of marketing.

Yotpo turns customer content into sales by engaging users with reviews and social proof. It encourages customers to give their feedback and incentivizes customers to review after they buy the products, and makes it possible to add these to the website’s home page, category page product page, or even the checkout page.

It helps reach users on Facebook and Instagram, and helps leverage brand discoverability through a Google search and brings in quality traffic to the store. It lets you curate, customize, and showcase the best reviews making sure that the customers are engaged and interested. It breaks down customer feedback into actionable data, making it easier to gauge good and bad reviews.


  • Content Moderation
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Advanced Customization
  • Performance Analytics

These 6 tools will help you engage the visitors that come to your website. What you need to make sure is that the channels don’t overlap one another. Optimize the timing of each tool to provide users with an amazing user experience! What tools do you use to engage your users? Is there another tool you think should be part of this list? Tell us in the comments below.