How does Freshsales stack up against Zendesk Sell?

Let’s look at some facts.

Contact Management

When it comes to managing leads, contacts, accounts, and deals, both Freshsales and Zendesk Sell hit the mark. But, Freshsales has an upper hand as it gives you the flexibility to customize the CRM across geographies, business size, or product lines by creating sales territories. You can create a systematic sales territory management plan to organize your team, auto-assign leads in a round-robin, assign phone numbers to territories, transfer calls to territories, limit territory access, and more. 

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Manage leads, contacts, accounts, deals
Auto enrich profiles
Create sales territories
Auto-assign leads
Custom sales activities

Email Management

Both Freshsales and Zendesk Sell have an email management system. But when it comes to seamless communication and feature capabilities, Zendesk Sell has limitations. Freshsales, on the other hand, has everything you need to seamlessly send emails from within the CRM. Whether it’s Gmail integration (or integration with other email clients like Outlook), 2-way email sync, creating unlimited email templates, scheduling bulk emails, tracking email opens and clicks, real-time email alerts, creating sales campaigns—you name it, Freshsales has it.

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Send sales campaigns
View into emails awaiting responses
Real-time email alerts
Schedule emails
Unlimited email templates
View shared inbox for sales emails

Lead Scoring

Freshsales’ AI-based lead scoring allows you to categorize your leads into hot, warm, and cold. You can assign scores by adding and subtracting points based on the lead’s interaction with your company—their behavior on your website, in-app, and email. Give your sales reps the means to focus their time and efforts to pursue the right leads using lead scoring in Freshsales.

Zendesk Sell allows you to score leads by their properties only on their higher plans—Enterprise and Elite—but the feature is available for free on Freshsales.

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Score leads by property
Score leads by website, web app, and email activities

Behavioral Analytics

Having context about the prospective customer and his interests before speaking to him/her allows for a more meaningful engagement during their buying journey—what pages on your website interested them, how are they using your app, did they open your email, etc. Freshsales tracks your user’s behavior from their first touchpoint. You can see the pages they visited, how many times they did so, and what content they downloaded. It also offers the option to track user activities in your web app. Zendesk Sell lacks this ability to give context on customer behavior.

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Track website visitors’ activities
Track web application events


While both Freshsales and Zendesk Sell have standard reports and dashboards, Freshsales gives you the flexibility to create reports using data across all modules and have it sent to your inbox at regular intervals.    

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Standard reports
Custom reports
Cross-module reports
Standard dashboard
Custom dashboard
View shared inbox for sales emails


Email, phone, and chat support are free in Freshsales from day one, while they come with a price tag in Zendesk Sell.

Free email, phone, and chat support

Note data as on Jan 01, 2019

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