Set up Freshsales your way—personalize your account to reflect your business terminology, create and edit fields across modules, and more.

customization in CRM
Renaming modules

Personalize your CRM by renaming the core modules of Freshsales—Leads, Contacts, Accounts, and Deals—based on your business nomenclature. 

Custom fields

Create custom fields—text, date pickers, checklist and even formula fields to collect and store information for your business. 

Multi-currency & multi-language

For teams selling across the globe, choose from 150+ currencies for your deals. Users can also set up Freshsales to speak their language. 

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Custom sales activities

Create unlimited custom sales activities and define outcomes for each. Users can confirm their presence at an activity by using the check-in option.

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Filters and views

Use filters to find a specific group of records, and perform bulk actions. Save these filter views for quick and easy access. 

Custom Roles

Create custom roles with different properties for each user and regulate their access levels and permissions in Freshsales.


Boost sales productivity with real-time notifications, easy data import, and access to relevant information in one place. 

Productivity Freshsales

When a visitor fills your web form, they’re automatically added as a new lead in Freshsales. Plus their profile is auto-enriched with their lead score, social media information, and photo.

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Create tags to identify records, and easily sort, filter, and segment records.


Receive notifications when a new record is assigned to you. Get reminders about your upcoming appointments.

Data import and migration

Import your data from other CRMs and spreadsheets into Freshsales in just a few clicks. Track progress and view past imports. 

Email templates

Create and personalize email templates with placeholders for your bulk emails. Organize and filter templates using tags. 

Notes, Tasks, Appointments, Files

Schedule appointments; collaborate with your team on tasks, make quick notes on records, and; manage and share files.


Engage with your leads across channels— email, call, and SMS— directly from Freshsales. 

Phone, powered by Freshcaller

Use Freshcaller to make calls in one click, auto log calls to related records, transfer and record calls, and more.

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Integrate your email and Freshsales for 2-way email sync, and have them organized in folders. Schedule and track your emails, and generate email activity reports.   

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Live chat powered by Freshchat

With Freshchat, allow sales reps to chat with leads without leaving Freshsales.  Converse with visitors and convert them into leads from right within the CRM.


Integrate Freshsales with the SMS provider of your choice to send personalized messages to record owners, leads, and customers. With 2-way sync, receive responses to messages and manage them within Freshsales.

Sales Sequences

Stop depending on other tools for email campaigns—use the Sales CRM to create, send, and track personalized outbound campaigns

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No more working in silos—collaborate with teammates on projects, from within Freshsales. 


Group users into teams to facilitate faster and easier sharing of reports, campaigns, tasks, appointments, and assignment of reps to territories.

Team Inbox

The team inbox is where all your sales reps come together in a common inbox. Emails in the team inbox are visible to every member of the team and any available rep can jump into a conversation to keep it going. 


Easily add anyone from your organization to conversations using Freshconnect. This grants them instant access to all relevant information, boosting effective collaboration. 


Create and modify Freshdesk support tickets right from Freshsales. Also set up 2-way contacts sync between Freshsales and Freshdesk, covering all fields including custom fields.


Leverage real-time insights to power your conversations. Know more about your leads and their buying intent, and view all this information in one place

CRM with insights
Lead score

Know which sales lead is hot and who’s not, using lead scores. Score leads based on their characteristics and behavior, so you know which leads are close to a sale and which ones need nurturing. 

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Auto-profile enrichment

Bid goodbye to manual data entry! When a lead is added to the sales CRM, their social profile information and photo are automatically updated in their profile.

Event tracking

Which web pages are your prospects visiting? How do they interact with your product? Leverage these insights for smart conversations by knowing and understanding your lead’s journey.

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Activity timeline 

Get a chronological timeline view of each lead’s activity, so your sales team can pick the right moments and close deals faster.

Behavior-based segmentation

Segment leads and personalize your conversations with them based on the actions they take on your website and in your product. 

Deduplication by Freddy

Freddy proactively looks for, detects, and displays duplicate leads or contacts in the CRM by matching them based on their identifiers such as name, email, or mobile number.

Email tracking

Get the ability to track email opens and link clicks—allowing you to time your next conversation. Receive notifications even when you’re on the go


No more spending time on mundane manual work. Freshsales helps you automate your sales process to make sure your time is spent in the best way.

Automation in CRM

Create workflow automations that operate like clockwork to perform actions like update records, send emails and SMSes, create tasks, and trigger webhooks.

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Automatically log calls

Sit back and let the sales CRM automatically log all incoming and outgoing calls. Stop worrying about faulty call logs.

Auto-assign leads

In each territory, let the sales CRM automatically assign leads to handpicked salespeople on your team.

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Pipeline Management

Easily visualize all your deals across multiple pipelines and complete actions right from the deals module.

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Pipeline Management in CRM
Visual sales pipeline

With a single sweep of the eye, locate the deals in each stage of your pipeline. Sort and filter deals to get a deeper view of your pipeline.

Rotten deals

Assign a deal age to each pipeline to mark deals that have remained stagnant. Rotten deals are colored red in the pipeline so you can easily see which ones to revive. 

Multiple sales pipeline

Selling different products across different markets, with different sales processes? Create multiple pipelines in the sales CRM and keep track of every deal.

Weighted pipeline

Set deal stage probabilities for your deals, and get a forecast of your sales by stage through the weighted pipeline. 

List view

View deals in list view and customize the deal columns to display the most important information. Filter and sort deals to perform bulk actions like email, SMS, update, or delete.

Sales goals

Define sales objectives as goals, track your progress, and hit your targets. Assign goals to users and teams based on pipeline, territory, and product.


Analyze team performance and drill down into your sales numbers, reps, and campaigns. Create reports to find out how your sales practices can be your best practices

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Reporting in Freshsales
Customize reports

Take control of reports you want to generate on your leads, sales figures, and sales reps. Get granular insights in the chart format of your choice.

Visual sales reports

Monitor your sales progress visually without any complex setups. Understand your sales results instantly with elegant, graphical tables and charts.

Sales cycle and velocity reports

Find out how long your team is taking to convert sales qualified leads into paying customers. Also, learn which stages your reps are stuck in.

Trendline reports

Evaluate sales by time. Create reports to identify lead/deal trends over weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly time periods.

Revenue analytics

Pull out revenue metrics from Freshsales by source, sales rep, territory, and more. Pinpoint the campaigns that work and the ones that don’t. Identify star performers on your team, and see which territories are leading sales.

Sales activity reports

Evaluate sales by your reps’ activities. Pull up reports based on emails sent, calls made, appointments scheduled, and tasks completed.

Report scheduling

Want to mark a recurring time in the day/week to send reports? Freshsales can automatically generate reports and send them to you.


Restrict account access from unidentified domains and keep an eye on changes made across the account.

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Security in CRM
IP Whitelisting

Create a list of trusted IPs from which users can access their Freshsales account.

EUC Data Center

In accordance with GDPR regulations, businesses can choose to have their Freshsales account data hosted on the EU data center.

Audit log

View the chronological list of changes made on your account by users. The list includes changes made to workflows, sales campaigns, territories, account settings, and CRM settings.

Mobile app

Close deals on the go! With the Freshsales iOS and Android app, send emails, make calls, receive real-time notifications, and move records across stages, wherever you are.

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Freshsales mobile app
Voice notes

No more typing! Add voice notes to records using the Freshsales mobile app. 


Mark your presence at a meeting using the check-in option. This makes it easier for managers to track their team’s activities.

Push notifications

Receive notifications when a new lead, deal, or task is assigned to you. Get reminders about upcoming meetings.


Use the calendar in the sales CRM to view and schedule meetings, make calls, and send emails. You can also book an Uber from the Freshsales app.

Log calls and add notes

Log all calls, map them to your leads/contacts/accounts/deals, and add notes.