Manage sales leads like a pro

Sales starts with leads. Capturing, nurturing and tracking sales leads is essential to convert them into revenue generating opportunities. Freshsales’ lead management software automates most of your sales activities such as capturing leads from web forms and emails, assigning them to appropriate sales reps, and enriching their profiles from social, so you can focus on what you do best, instead of just paper pushing.

The lead tracking solution also helps you filter and sort leads by their behavior and instantly identify the best ones to connect over phone and email. Customize lead stages according to your business process, and track them to closure. So go ahead and focus on prospecting more leads, and let Freshsales take care of your lead management.

Segment and prioritize leads smartly

Some leads are more sales-ready than others, and prioritizing those leads is necessary to save time and increase productivity. In Freshsales, use smart filters for effective lead management. You can prioritize and sort leads by website, product, email and call interactions, and save the filter as views to use in future. With Freshsales lead scoring, you can be sure to find and talk to your red-hot prospects. The CRM scores leads by characteristics such as job title, geography, and engagement on your website and product, and surfaces the best leads you should connect with.

Custom views
Smart filters
Lead scores

Automate your sales process

Freshsales automates most of your daily sales activities. The online lead management solution saves time and effort by automatically capturing leads from web forms and emails. Spend less time on preparing for your next call as Freshsales enriches every lead with social profile information. The CRM also automatically logs and links calls, emails and activities to the right lead.

What’s more, with sales territory management, you can group your sales team by geography, deal size, product divisions, etc., and auto-assign leads to the right sales rep/territory. With Territories, sales managers can easily identify and focus resources on the territory that is making the most profit.

Do all of this and more with your sales CRM

One click to connect

Easily connect with leads via phone and email. See conversations being logged and linked to the right lead.

Appointments & tasks

Stay ahead of your tasks and appointments. Schedule appointments and get email alerts to remind you.

Smart views

Filter and sort your records using smart filters like "last contacted" and "last seen" date.

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