Why is Freshcaller the best Aircall alternative?

Don’t commit $120 just to start

You can make over 60 hours worth of outgoing calls and receive 60 hours of incoming calls in Freshcaller with $120.

Launch your call center with $0 plan

There is no standard minimum payment or number of agents to get started. Add everyone at $0.

Don’t sign up for a product that cannot help manage a virtual workforce

You need call center capabilities that help you analyze and improve your conversations with customers.

Virtual workforce management features need to be a part of the product

You can be run a completely virtual workforce with the call monitoring, call barging capabilities of Freshcaller.

Don’t pay a premium ($70 p.m) for making unlimited calls

There is no point in adding all your team members to your call center software account if all of them are unable to make calls.

Do unlimited concurrent calls even at $0 plan

This cloud based call center software lets all your agents be on calls simultaneously. Speak and resolve together.

Choose Freshcaller over Aircall

Sign up for your 14-day trial now.

What does Freshcaller do better than Aircall?

What does Freshcaller do better than Aircall?

Smart Escalations

Create custom escalation rules for incoming calls

Redirect callers to other teams or any external phone number when your phone team is unavailable

Call Barging

Barge into calls real-time

Your supervisors and administrators can improve your First Call Resolution rates by barging into phone conversations real-time

Call Conferencing

Add more team members to your call

Enable your agents to solve customer problems by bringing in subject matter experts to resolve customer queries.

Call Masking

Personalize your business number by masking

Make your clients feel special by masking your business toll-free or local phone number with your personal mobile number while making a call.

Freshcaller: Your Aircall alternative