Why is Freshcaller the best Skype alternative for your business?

All data as of August 2020

Skype is not a suitable solution for businesses

Skype may work for making personal calls and staying in touch with your friends or family. However, Skype is not built for businesses and this will take a toll on the quality of your phone operations.

Choose a phone system that suits your business needs

Freshcaller is a phone system that is truly built for businesses. Be it a small business or an enterprise, Freshcaller can support the phone operations of businesses of all sizes.

Don’t be restricted with a phone system that doesn’t offer basic features

For a phone system to be effective in handling day to day calls, certain basic features such as IVR, call routing, and call analytics are required. Your phone teams will not be able to do their best work without these capabilities.

Experience a powerful phone system that is rich with features 

With Freshcaller, you get all the basic features you need to run your call center and much more! Utilize a variety of capabilities that’ll help you handle your business calls in a smooth manner.

Don’t be left behind in the Artificial Intelligence revolution

Businesses these days are using AI to engage with customers 24x7, be it after business hours or during holidays. Unfortunately, these AI capabilities are not present in Skype. 

Future-proof your call center with AI capabilities

Freshcaller offers features such as Voicebot and Speech-enabled IVR. You can be there for your callers at all times and provide instant replies without any human intervention.

What does Freshcaller have that Skype doesn’t?


What does Freshcaller have that Skype doesn’t?

Multi-level IVR or Phone Trees

Manage a multi-level inter-linked IVR system

Smart Escalations

Create custom escalation rules for incoming calls

Real-time Dashboard

Review and manage your call center in real-time.

Call Barging

Barge into calls real-time


AI power your call center


Freshcaller: Your preferred Skype alternative