On-Premise PBX

  • IP routing is used to connect businesses and customers using phone systems installed locally in the premises
  • Businesses purchase the hardware equipments and legacy software necessary to run their business phone system

Freshdesk Contact Center

  • A cloud-hosted Personal Branch Exchange (PBX) system that helps in making & receiving voice calls
  • Business require a web browser and a working internet connection to run a
call center

6 reasons to choose Freshdesk Contact Center (formerly Freshcaller) over On-Premise!

Low Initial Investment

You can choose to spend thousands of dollars on basic on-premise setup even before a single call is made. Or choose Freshdesk Contact Center (formerly Freshcaller) with zero setup charges.


Imagine adding extra servers and network cards
when your business expands. Or don’t and go for Freshdesk Contact Center (formerly Freshcaller) and enjoy boundless scalability.


Start your call center in minutes using Freshdesk Contact Center (formerly Freshcaller) with nothing but a web browser. Or purchase a local server with network interface cards and wait for weeks to set up a call center.


Never miss your business calls and stay awesomely productive while on the go using Freshdesk Contact Center (formerly Freshcaller). Your business call notes travel with you unlike your
desk phones!


Freshdesk Contact Center (formerly Freshcaller) is a globally distributed solution unaffected by local outages without a single point of failure. Do you really want to take a chance with
your business phone solution?

Fresh Updates

Your sales and support team stay abreast of all innovations in business phone systems through Freshdesk Contact Center (formerly Freshcaller). On the other hand, you could stay locked in to the same On-Premise setup for years, waiting for renewal.

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