Why is Freshcaller the best Talkroute alternative?

Don’t choose a phone system that cannot help you monitor calls

Your supervisors need to physically stand next to your agents to monitor calls.

Allow your supervisors to monitor phone conversations real-time

A true virtual phone system should allow virtual supervision of all conversations.

Don’t subscribe to a product with just basic routing rules

No routing rules available when your customers are on wait or call you after your regular working hours.

Customize and handle every possible scenario of your inbound call center

Create custom routing rules for every possible caller scenario for your incoming calls and deliver a stunning experience.

Don’t purchase a call center software that cannot help in collaboration

Your customers will have to wait for a good while before the endless transfers fulfill their needs.

Go for a virtual phone system that can boost your First Call Resolution (FCR)

Your callers can reach out to an available subject matter expert and get a resolution almost immediately.

Replace Talkroute with Freshcaller

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What does Freshcaller do better than Talkroute?

What does Freshcaller do better than Talkroute?

Smart Escalations

Create custom escalation rules for incoming calls

Redirect callers to other teams or any external phone number when your phone team is unavailable

After business hours based routing

Time based call routing rules

You can select your timezone, enter your work timings to determine whether to send the calls to voicemail or a different team in another time zone

Call Conferencing

Add more team members to your call

Enable your agents to solve customer problems by bringing in subject matter experts to resolve customer queries

Call Recording

Record all your phone conversations

Record and replay your phone conversations to review and refine your communication strategy

Freshcaller: Your Talkroute alternative