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What are toll-free phone numbers?

Toll-free phone numbers as the name suggests are free for your callers to use in order to reach you. They are regularly employed by teams to provide a zero cost outlet for customers or prospects to reach out to them. Freshcaller will allow you to search and procure toll-free phone numbers from within the product. You can choose to purchase and discard toll-free phone numbers based on your requirements.

Frequent toll-free phone number queries

Can you provide us with examples of toll-free phone numbers?

Phone numbers starting with the code +1(country code) -800, 808, 833, 844, 855, and 300 are examples of toll-free phone numbers. If you currently own toll-free phone numbers which you would like to retain, we can port them into Freshcaller.

Countries in which we can purchase toll-free phone numbers using Freshcaller?

You can purchase toll-free phone numbers from U.S, U.K, Canada, and Australia. We will definitely add more geographies in the near future. If you want us to procure a country of your choice, please send an email to

Why use toll-free phone numbers?

It is great to have a local number for your callers to feel like you are one among them. But you can take it one step further by setting up toll free numbers. Since, toll-free numbers are essentially free for your callers, they remain a great way to solicit new leads and an evergreen marketing option.

Can we get toll-free phone numbers like 800-ORGNAME?

These custom toll-free phone numbers are called vanity phone numbers. You can search for the available vanity numbers in the Freshcaller dashboard. You can use vanity numbers for your marketing campaigns.