Why choose a sales CRM that integrates with Gmail?

Gmail is one of the most used email provider these days. And, a CRM that seamlessly integrates with Google Suite to centralize conversations and information without leaving your account is what you need to run your business.

Freshsales CRM for Gmail is designed for sales teams to track emails as well as events from your Google Calendar within the CRM itself.

2-way Gmail sync

Whether you send an email from Gmail or Freshsales, your email is automatically captured in both. Simply connect your Gmail account to Freshsales to read, send, delete and manage your emails. Once connected, you can choose to do three actions with your emails—track opens and clickslink emails to lead or contact and auto-create lead or contacts from emails.

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2-way Google Calendar sync

Sync your Google Calendar events with your sales CRM, and get reminders so you never miss an appointment! Events are synced to My Appointments & Tasks in Freshsales and linked to the respective lead or contact record, and their account.

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Get started with your CRM for Gmail

Sync your emails

2-way sync your emails to manage them from your CRM.

Connect to Gmail

Choose Gmail integration to link your account to Freshsales

Sync your calendar

2-way sync your Google events, and set up events using either app