Where is your focus — conversion, onboarding, or support?


Turn your website into a working conversion machine

Your website is an indispensable source for all your conversions and revenue. But here is the stumbling block: Content shock and attention scarcity are real — Visitors on an average spend 6 seconds on a site and drop off. With conversational, proactive, and automated 1:1 messaging, take your website out of the conversion vacuum. 

Triggered Messages 

Drive visitors to sign up for your product, check out items added to the cart, subscribe to your newsletter, and more.

Email Campaigns

Trigger or schedule email campaigns to drive signups or purchase with prospects - based on actions they take on your website, product, or app.


Let bots kick in to generate and qualify leads for your team with customized workflows designed to meet your goals.

Visitor Intel 

Get intel on who your visitors are, their navigation path, behavior on your site, and more to make conversations that resonate.

Clearbit Integration

Know who you’re talking to without imposing any lengthy forms on your website.


Drive uncertain customers to become successful users

If you’re growth focussed, you’ll agree that sign up is not the end of the story. Real growth starts when users find value from using your product. Use Freshchat to make onboarding and product education a breeze — segment users, personalize messages to perfection, and convert sign ups into active, engaged users.

In-app Messages

Schedule proactive messages that get delivered inside your web and mobile app.

Email Campaigns

Trigger or schedule email campaigns to onboard new users, engage existing customers, announce offers or releases and gather customer feedback.

User Segmentation

Segment users based on their behavior, geography, and actions they perform or don’t perform.

Campaign Insights

Measure your campaign performance — sent, seen, and reply rates. Analyze and repeat.

Multi-channel Messaging 

Target mobile users and users who navigate away from the desktop app with push notifications.

User Intel 

Pull data from external software — your CRM system, email automation app or anything else. Bring everything inside Freshchat's team inbox to make data-driven conversations. 


Support and retain users to turn them into advocates

Keep your existing customers close to you. They are your real critics and your true advocates —  Be on top of their messages and deliver customer satisfaction at scale with intelligent routing, focussed message threads, a self-service that resides inside the messenger, and connected workflows with external support apps.


Enable users to start focussed conversations by creating multiple chat threads like Delivery, Support, Billing etc.

In-messenger FAQs

Break free from all self-service silos by bringing all your FAQs inside the messenger.


Route chats based on the skill level of your team members and their current chat load.

Helpdesk Insights

Get all the insight you need to deliver customer satisfaction with real time dashboard, helpdesk, and team member reporting.


Be on the same page as your users — Guide them remotely by accessing their screen and talking to them.

The best of all worlds

Integrate Freshchat with Slack, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Freshdesk for an all-encompassing support experience.

Your go-to marketing, sales, and support sidekick

Act on facts: The average open rate for emails is 20% when compared to 98% for private messages 


Engage, sell, and support from anywhere on the web with the chrome extension.

Multilingual Messenger

The right words make or break the game. Customize your messenger in more than 33+ languages.

Priority Inbox

Stay on top of conversations that matter the most. Filter messages based on the response time due on them.