Why is Freshcaller the best Zendesk Talk alternative?

All data as of April 2020

Your phone system shouldn’t lack a mobile app

We live in a mobile-first world, without a mobile app for your phone system, your agents are tied to their desks.

Choose a phone system with an app that you can take anywhere

Resolve tickets and call leads on the go with the Freshcaller mobile app. Experience flexibility like never before. 

Why stay tied to a single ecosystem? 

Zendesk talk cannot function independently and requires the purchase of Zendesk Support.  

Integrate freely with third-party apps

Freshcaller can function independently and can integrate with other third-party apps such as helpdesks, CRMs or productivity tools. 

Ensure that your phone system is AI-ready 

We live in an AI-driven world and Talk’s lack of AI capabilities can be a big drawback. 

Future proof your call center with AI 

Freshcaller is AI-ready and has features such as Voicebot and Speech-enabled IVR.  

What does Freshcaller do better than Zendesk Talk?

service level monitoring
Business hours based routing

What does Freshcaller do better than Zendesk Talk?

Service Level Monitoring

Monitor the service level performance of your teams

service level monitoring
After business hours based routing

Don't miss any calls that come in after business hours

Business hours based routing
Call Masking

Personalize your business number by masking

After Call Work

Allocate post call work time to finish call related tasks

Freshcaller: Your Zendesk Talk alternative