Why Freshdesk Contact Center (formerly Freshcaller) for your real estate conversations

Know your clientele like the back of your hand 

Guiding your deals to see the other end of your real estate deal pipeline has always been the biggest challenge in this industry. With thousands of clients calling in throughout the week, it’s easy to lose track of what you last spoke to your client. Freshdesk Contact Center’s capability helps bump up all the context you need to start where you last left the conversation like:

  • Client's previous call history

  • Call notes

  • Call recordings

Bring your A-game on with Freshdesk Contact Center’s contextual conversations.

Real Estate Phone System

Be accessible round the clock even while on the move 

One can’t stress enough how important being able to answer calls while on the go is for a real estate agent. Being in an industry where client visits are a daily affair, a handy mobile app that can help you continue your client calls like you were at your office desk is a huge advantage. Freshdesk Contact Center’s feature-rich mobile app comes with an extensive set of outbound calling features to help you stay accessible to your clients while at work or otherwise as well.

  • Forward calls from your browser to your mobile phone
  • Take notes while on a call in the mobile app
  • Transfer calls with context to your colleague


Real Estate Phone System

Never leave any deal waiting for your response anymore

Like in most customer-centric businesses, time is money for every real estate agent.  

  • Customizable voicemail drops

  • Super efficient queue call back features 

  • Quick notes transfer, recent calls & automatic call recordings,

helps a real estate agent answer calls in no time, refer back to recordings & notes from a single comprehensive dashboard. 

Also, one can ensure they don't keep interested clients waiting by quickly getting back to their call back requests using Freshdesk Contact Center.

Real Estate Phone System

Freshdesk Contact Center capabilities for every Realtor

Mobile App

No more being tied to your desks. Ace through pressing conversations on the go 

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Voicemail Drop

Make your cold calling efficient with automating the mundane task

Explore Voicemail

Queue Callback

Reduce your call queue & give your callers the choice to opt for a callback.

Explore Queue Callback

Smart Escalations

Stay prepared for any scenario. Choose from a variety of fallback options.

Explore Smart Escalations

Call Recording

Start/pause call recording, opt-in for call recording, or even disable call recording.

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Call Notes Transfer

Transfer the context of a conversation to your colleagues by transferring notes 

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Security and Compliance

Over 50,000 customers across the globe trust Freshworks with their data. Freshworks and its products are ISO 27001 certified. Yearly SOC 2 Type 2 attestation audits are conducted by independent third-party auditors. In addition to being GDPR compliant, Freshworks also complies with privacy shield, Cyber Essentials, and Cyber Essentials+.

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