Why is Freshcaller the best Vonage Business alternative?

Don't opt for a product that labels essential features as an add-on

Call recording and call monitoring each cost $49.99/mo. Why pay double — for essential features and agent licensing. 

All your essentials under one plan, no add-on charges

With Freshcaller, you choose one plan and pay one price. Essential features you need are not labeled as add-ons. 

Don't choose a phone system that doesn’t give you insights

Without important metrics such as service level, you would be left in the dark and may not understand the performance of your phone teams. 

Know your team’s key performance indicators at a glance 

Set and monitor the service level performance of your teams and access other key metrics that will help you analyze and improve the efficiency of your phone teams.

Don’t opt for a fragmented phone system - helpdesk/CRM integration 

Third-party integrations may deprive you of a holistic view of your data — your data can look different in your phone system and CRM/helpdesk. You also need to spend time training your teams to use multiple tools. 

Go for an in-house phone system-helpdesk/CRM integration

Freshcaller is seamlessly integrated with our own in-house helpdesk, Freshdesk, and CRM, Freshsales — your data is in one place, offering you real insights. Time spent on training your teams in multiple tools can also be saved. 

Don't be forced into changing carriers 

Sometimes numbers in certain regions might be unavailable, in such cases having the freedom to bring your own carrier helps. However with Vonage in such situations, you will be at a disadvantage. 

Freedom to Bring Your Own Carrier 

Do you have an existing contract with your carrier? Do you have numbers that you don’t wish to port? Don’t worry, with Freshcaller apart from number porting, you are free to bring your existing carrier. 

What does Freshcaller do better than Vonage Business? 

What does Freshcaller do better than Vonage Business? 

Service Level Monitoring

Monitor the service level performance of your teams

Call Masking

Personalize your business number by masking

Call Recording

Record all your phone conversations at no extra cost

Local numbers

Buy local and toll-free numbers instantly

Freshcaller: Your Vonage Business alternative