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What are call control features in a call center?

Call control in a call center refers to in-call functionalities that enable you to provide a smooth customer experience. Some of these functionalities include being able to put your call on hold, mute, transferring a call, or adding people to the current call. With Freshdesk Contact Center, your agents can perform all the above actions while simultaneously accessing detailed information on the customer, like call notes and any related tickets. This helps your agents work efficiently and focus on their conversation with the customer.

Call control with Freshdesk Contact Center (formerly Freshcaller)


Call transfer

Agents can transfer calls to another agent, expert, or team for providing quick resolutions. You can make use of call notes to enable your agents to deliver personalized and contextual customer service. With Freshdesk Contact Center, agents can transfer calls in two ways:

  • Cold transfer - to transfer calls to another agent immediately
  • Warm transfer - to talk to another agent or exchange call notes before transferring the call
Call transfer Call transfer


Call conferencing

Sometimes, it may take more than one agent to solve a customer query. With call conferencing, your agents can:

  • Get the concerned team on board and solve the customer’s issue in the very first call. 

  • Collaborate with other teams or agents to quickly resolve customer queries.

  • Improve first-call resolution rates and create happy customers.




Call control feature Call conferencing Call control feature Call conferencing


Call forwarding

You can make sure to never miss any important calls with call forwarding from Freshdesk Contact Center. 

  • Agents can forward calls to their mobile devices. 

  • Agents don’t have to miss calls when they’re on the go.

  • You can set up call forwarding to an external number or an outsourced vendor to deal with a spike in call volume or any other emergency.





Call control feature Call forwarding Call control feature Call forwarding


In-call actions

Help your agents be more productive by providing them access to in-call functionalities. With Freshdesk Contact Center, your agents will have all the functionality they need to handle calls efficiently and create a professional face for your business.   In-call functionalities include:

  • Hold

  • Mute

  • Transfer

  • Voicemail drop

call control features for call center call control features for call center

Effective call center management with Freshdesk Contact Center

Shared call appearance

With shared call appearance, your agents can make and receive calls on multiple devices with a single phone number. Agents can make multiple calls simultaneously from a single number, and there’s no more need to wait for another agent to finish up a call.
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Call routing

You can set up workflows that will efficiently route calls to the relevant teams and help your agents resolve customer queries faster. With Freshdesk Contact Center, you can leverage three types of routing for effective call management - team-based, time-based, and intent-based call routing.
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Call queue management

Provide callbacks, customize wait queue messages, and set up routing automation to manage customers in the wait queue. Queues work together with Interactive Voice Response (IVR) in Freshdesk Contact Center, and this will help you ensure that callers are sent to the right team.
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