Your support KPIs are about to improve with bots. Look out for:

Reduced ticket volumes

Reduce upto 50% of your ticket volume with bots by eliminating cases of repetitive and straightforward queries that don’t need to become a ticket.

Lower Handle Times

With real-time resolutions, intelligent automation, and contextual agent handovers, you can significantly reduce your Average Handle Time by up to 40%

3X Agent Efficiency

Save an average of 4 minutes per inquiry, allowing your Support team to take care of more complex issues that require context, research, and empathy.

Improved CSAT

Who wouldn’t love fast and convenient customer service? Provide instant resolutions through intelligent self-service automation and boost your CSAT Ratings.

Wait, there’s more.  With chatbots, you can also,

Increase Website Conversion

Most visitors only stay on a page for a couple of seconds. Chatbots can work as a form on every page and help with engaging with your visitors better and nudging them to make an action.

Convert Routine Questions into Sales

Every visitor who interacts with a chatbot can be treated as a potential lead. With the right Call-to-Action (CTA) fed into the chatbot conversational design, you can convert even routine questions into sales opportunities through intent-based prompts.

Reduce Cart abandonment

Get window-shopping customers to buy/order from you by having proactive pop-up messages and offers that can convince the customer to complete the purchase.

Qualify more leads and book more meetings

By asking qualifying questions to visitors over time, chatbots can help your marketing teams qualify visitors into high-quality leads.  In fact, by adding widgets of third-party apps such as Google Calendar, chatbots allow prospects to directly book meetings/appointments with your sales teams, right within the chat window.