Why choose Freshdesk Messaging over other players?

Freshdesk Messaging is a modern live chat and messaging software that has capabilities to help you not just engage with your customers and prospects but also delight them at scale without having to spend too much or grow your team. Freshdesk Messaging sets the path for a new way of customer engagement at every step of the customer journey — the conversational way.

Automate with bots and AI

Assist with precise answers and conversations.

Reach out wherever they are

Engage on web, mobile, and other social messengers.

Engage with proactive campaigns

Send targeted outbound messages to users.

Experience UI at its best

Let your agents use a support platform that's similar to their everyday messaging apps 

Route conversations with ease

Automatically route conversations based on agents' skill set, load and availability.


Deflection alone doesn’t cut it. Choose AI that focuses on delight over deflection

Freshdesk Messaging’s AI engine lets you have precise and meaningful conversations with your customers at scale. Unlike other AI engines in the market, Freshdesk Messaging bots don’t just focus on deflection, but also engage with incoming conversations based on intent.

✔️ Provide automatic responses to frequently asked questions with Freddy answer bot

✔️ Create engaging conversational experiences using DIY no-code custom flows

✔️ Automatic handover of conversations to agents when the bot senses negative affirmations

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Engage your customers on whichever messaging channel they use

Tired of going through the hassles of integrating with messaging apps like WhatsApp, Line, Apple Business Chat, and Facebook Messenger via third-party vendors? Freshdesk Messaging offers native integration with messaging apps that your customers love and use extensively. Enjoy a seamless integration — ready by the time you set up your Freshdesk Messaging account. 

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Generic responses not working anymore? Be personalized and proactive

Freshdesk Messaging’s campaigns offer hyper-targeted segmentation and let you reach out to customers and prospects before they reach you. These campaigns are designed to be highly contextual and personalized. 

✔️ Context pane with visitor and user intel

✔️ CRM and marketing automation integration

✔️ Personalized and intent-driven conversations 


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Fool-proof messaging platform — a UI that is familiar, simple and interoperable

Freshdesk Messaging’s messaging platform looks and feels like an extension of your everyday apps. Set up and onboarding happens in a breeze. Being a messaging-first product, Freshdesk Messaging is suitable for all your conversational needs irrespective of the size of your team — small, big, distributed.

✔️ Customizable team inbox with views

✔️ In-product access to integrated apps

✔️ Reporting and analytics

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Restricted by having to choose only round-robin assignment? More is more

Unlike most of the messaging tools that offer only round-robin assignment that does basic chat distribution, Freshdesk Messaging’s IntelliAssign ensures there is no idle conversation clogging your team’s pipeline and that none of your agents are overburdened. 

✔️ Skill-based assignment

✔️ Intelligent load balancing

✔️ Round-robin routing

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Powering millions of conversations for businesses of all sizes